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Full Power CRM

Truly understand your customers with 360° profiles. Track every touch point across channels.


The Easy Way To Understand Customers

Synerise.CRM is powerful and beautifully simple. Your teams will love the real-time updates, full profiles as well as customer insights and predicted behaviors.

Limitless Data Sources

To provide you with 360° customer views, we synchronize all your customer data and track every interaction from almost any data source.

True Real-time Tracking

Reacting to customer needs at the right moment gives businesses a critical edge. That is why Synerise was designed from the ground up to provide you with real-time tracking.

Key CRM Features

Real-time Segmentations

Build customer segments using demographic, behavioral or other data. Analyze them to uncover new opportunities or create highly-effective targeted campaigns.

Smart Lists

Want to send communication to targeted customers? Use Smart Lists to mark customers and assign them to a list for further action.

Import/Eksport baz danych

Import customer lists from external sources in a few clicks. Export to external apps just as easily.

Instant Search

Want to find a particular customer? Search by name or email to immediately find them.

Long-term Data Storage

Have all notes and tasks about leads directly on one page. No more confusing emails or missing hot leads.

Activity Timeline

See a chronological list of every customer interaction, including store visits, website visits, emails, push notifications, social media activity, and more.

Transaction Insights

Analyze individual customer behaviors or create segments based on purchasing patterns and products.

Customer Activity

Check customers' online and offline activities in real time. Know how they are responding to your campaigns.

Simpler Lead Management

Always have the full record of your customers. Synierse provides unlimited storage for known customer as well as unknown visitors.